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After thinking and working a lot on this, now my first PyGame is up. Just made a release on GitHub. ..Read More
3:01AM Well, took the next step in Python and started with PyGame today. This is quite interestin ..Read More
When you come to me at night, With sun setting on the other side, Surrounded with glimmering splin ..Read More

Tonight 29/11/14      Tag : Poems

Tonight, there is lot to write, you in my arms, lost in dreams, shut eyes and cute smiles. Som ..Read More
No one, just a dark alley, walking along the pedestal, you and me. All silent, just the wind, and ..Read More
Finally implemented a counter for the number of posts in different tabs for Bug-e-Code. Now user can ..Read More

ERROR 406 29/11/14      Tag : Issues

I am trying to implement a simple HTML code executor so that I can have preview of my blog post befo ..Read More
Just for a moment, everything is still, that falling weathered leaf, paused in mid-air. That tin ..Read More
Here it is , V-2.2.4 of Bit-Castle. It took real efforts to debug this after I got some error report ..Read More
We are going to see a basic example of awk command in bash.. In this example we are going to see ho ..Read More
In this post we are going to see some basic examples of sed We'll first use sed to replace a word i ..Read More
Here I am sharing some resources which I found usefull in understanding concepts of Operating System ..Read More
It's 1:46AM and my second sleepless-working night. After a lot of head-banging and hair-pulling ..Read More
3:24AM Just completed a basic version of the spam filter, I am calling it SPCF (Spam Classifier). I ..Read More
Finally uploaded a basic terminal version of DIGM (Gmail Download Manager) on github. The project ca ..Read More
Okay!! Have got an idea of getting into Machine Learning now and implement a basic spam filer.. What ..Read More
All I remember is her smile, her naughty eyes, her whispering lips, her promise to text me, when ..Read More
After a lot of hesitation I started with Python tonight. Started with an aim to make something which ..Read More
After finishing with the terminal version of the program, I built the GUI version of it using Tkinte ..Read More
In this post I have coded bubble sort program for 8085 microprocessor. One can use GNU simulator to ..Read More
Here is an interesting problem I was given today.. In this problem we have to take a binary-tree an ..Read More
Binary-Search-Tree is one basic but very important data-structure.. In this post I have implemented ..Read More
After going through lots of codes on internet.. I was not able to find a nice C-program to implement ..Read More
This post is really late. It's last week of my this semester and I had to complete all my assign ..Read More
It was a very regular night.. I was feeling very bored of practicing algorithms and was discussing ..Read More
It can't be avoided anymore.. Need to implement auto-complete for the text-boxes in CodeForces T ..Read More
So, I have started implementing the auto-complete feature.. The javascript and PHP amalgamation is ..Read More
In this post I have coded factorial program for 8085 microprocessor. One can use GNU simulator to r ..Read More
In this post I have coded fibonacci program for 8085 microprocessor. One can use GNU simulator to ru ..Read More
The paper is wet, and ink smeared, what just went..? the page wept?? I can't remember w ..Read More
One of the challenges that I faced while advancing with the data-structures was understanding the co ..Read More
Let us first analyze the problem.. The problem is to get a path from the top-left corner of the mat ..Read More
I just notices that I have not stripped the HTML tags from the tab-head of every page.. It is ugly ..Read More
We have discussed and decided that we'll remove the username from the login of the codeforces toolki ..Read More
It's not that I don't see, It's not that I don't feel, It's just that you don& ..Read More
It's holi time and I am at home, which means I have all the time in the world to work on my proj ..Read More
Someone once told me that if I can't explain my code to someone, then my code is a failure. Sin ..Read More
Now we are going to see how we can implement a simple tool-tip using CSS and the on-hover technique ..Read More
Ok!! So what I have done is planting a new div in front of the main page and it'll be removed once y ..Read More
Well one quick remedy that comes to my mind right now is to use cookies to keep a record that the in ..Read More
sometimes being honest is not enough.... sometimes being intelligent is not enough... sometimes be ..Read More
Implemented a NFA (Non-Deterministic finite automaton) simulator in C today. It takes input all the ..Read More
It has been on my mind for a long time and now I think this is the right time to work on this. Need ..Read More
Here we are going to see how we can change the css of a div while hovering on some other div and hen ..Read More
Windows doesn't actually allow us to pin a .pdf or .docx or .xlsx file to taskbar, rather they a ..Read More
Just A Hope Mine was also one among the thousands, the comments on your pic.. you might have de ..Read More
The question I am taking up is this HORRIBLE to try to make basics of Lazy Propagation in Segment Tr ..Read More
After working whole night on fixing bugs and everything, finally the V.1.0 of CodeForces Batch-Test ..Read More
"The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I'm not afraid to die on a tread ..Read More

Indelible 14/02/16      Tag : Poems

I've forgotten you completely, erased your memory, deleted your messages, and slaughtered you ..Read More
Another rainy midnight, still stuck in the same thought, the one that had started with sunlight s ..Read More
Let's first get the outline of the things that we need to do to make the application work. Codin ..Read More
Implemented a DFA (Deterministic finite automaton) simulator in C today. It takes input all the para ..Read More
I wouldn't say I didn't try hard enough but maybe the concept wasn't good enough to make ..Read More
After I started working with HTTP requests and web scrapping with Python I started working on this p ..Read More
I have seen people asking this question a lot on public platforms. In this post I am going to write ..Read More
So I a working on this basic image processing project and in the last post I wrote how there is a lo ..Read More
As it happens with me everytime, I was searching for some other thing when I stumbled upon this idea ..Read More
I am moving along with the CodeForces Batch-testing system and I want to download the problem statem ..Read More
Since my exams have ended I can use my mind for something better :P . I have been trying to make a s ..Read More
Here is the link to this question on quora.. And this answer : This was the first time I attempte ..Read More

Tiny URL 08/12/14      Tag : ToDo

I am in my room and it's 5-AM and we just got an idea of implementing a personal tiny-url.. Eve ..Read More
Will try to implement a basic search for Bug-e-Code.. Still thinking about how to make it a little m ..Read More
Just finished implementing search bar.. Thanks to bootstrap for the front-end part, had to work ve ..Read More
Came across idea of putting all the tags in one page in a boxed manner as in one of the themes of go ..Read More
FAQs related to Buggy for Linux. Related Links : GitHub Repository Why does it not tell if ..Read More
This game is a real fun when played in a group. I made a lot of my friends play this one and their r ..Read More
In this post I am going to explain how my pygam, Bit Castle, works. This one was quite a simple one ..Read More
Now that I have got my hands in almost all the major fields of development, this is the right time t ..Read More
Today I am gona try to make my Buggy BatchTesting plugin for CodeForces a complete Sublime Package s ..Read More
So I have started working on an image processing project to learn a bit about this topic. The projec ..Read More